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We are grateful that you have chosen us as the health care provider for your feet. Our staff is committed to providing the finest podiatric care in a warm and friendly environment in order to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Our podiatry practices serve the New York City metropolitan area.

Our practice is dedicated to providing quality foot and ankle care to patients of all ages. From conservative care to state-of-the-art surgery, our physicians will provide you with quality care.

Our doctors specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of foot and ankle conditions, such as:

Cosmetic Bunion Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery Return To Work In Three Days Visible Scars Heal In 8 Weeks!

Hammertoe Surgery

Unique Lateral Incisions For Hidden scars Return To Work The Next Day Visible Scars Heal In 6 Weeks!

Neuroma Foot Pain Treatment

New Innovative & Non-Surgical No Cutting, No Freezing, No Burning And No Further Nerve Damage!

Welcome to Downtown NYC Foot Care! There are plenty of podiatry practices to choose from in New York, so we thank you for choosing ours. If you’re experiencing foot pain or discomfort or would like to improve the appearance of your feet or toes, our specialists will provide you with the highest quality care in a warm, comfortable environment.

Bunion Treatment

Bunions are commonly treated by modifying your shoes or with prescription foot orthotics. Surgery may be recommended if these treatments don’t bring relief. Our doctors most commonly perform a procedure called the first metatarsal neck osteotomy, but you may benefit from another procedure depending on the level of deformity in your foot and your goals for surgery.

Hammertoe Surgery

Treatment of hammertoe depends on the severity of the deformity in each case. Surgical options can include a minimally invasive tendon release with quick recovery time, the removal of damaged skin and bone in more moderate cases of hammertoe, or a fusion of bones in the toe in the most severe cases. Your doctor will discuss your surgical and non-surgical options based on your test results.

Neuroma Foot Pain Treatment

Our New Innovative & Non-Surgical, Non-Destructive, Foot Neuroma Treatment Offers: No Cutting, No Freezing, No Burning, and No Further Nerve Damage As A Treatment!

Fungal Toenail Treatment

The PinPointe Laser treatment kills unsightly toenail fungus that lives in or under the nail. It is the safest and most cost-effective method of treating toenail fungus, requiring only a single treatment and no recovery time. The procedure only lasts about 30 minutes, and your new nail growth will be fungus free!

About Dr. Loninger

Dr. Richard Loninger, DPM is a highly sought-after podiatrist who performs over a thousand surgical procedures each year. He completed his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University and attended the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. He continued his training at Mercy Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, and the Royal College of Medicine in Ranchi, India, among others. Dr. Loninger has received numerous awards and recognition during his career, including being named The Emile Rose Scholar for scoring higher on tests than all his peers during medical school. He is Director of Surgery at the prestigious Family Foot Care Group in the tri-state area. Dr. Loninger’s goal is to cure each patient’s pain with no apparent surgical scars.

About Us

Downtown NYC Foot Care has 10 locations, serving residents of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and New Jersey with convenient appointment times. We accept many insurance plans, however, we do not accept Medicaid. Call our office today to schedule your appointment, or request an appointment online. Thank you for choosing Downtown NYC Foot Care – we look forward to serving you!

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101 Hudson St
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