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Our Non-Destructive Foot Neuroma Treatment Offers

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Morton's Neuroma Specialist

What Is A Neuroma?

A Neuroma is an abnormal swelling, or thickening growth of nerve tissue, which is most often benign and noncancerous. Torn, cut, or otherwise damaged nerves within the body will form a Neuroma (a ball shaped mass of scar tissue) as the nerve tries to regenerate itself. This often causes an irritating and very painful Neuroma. A Neuroma can wreak havoc in the way your body transmits nerve signals through the nervous system and impair nerve function and nerve message transmission. Neuromas should be examined rather than simply ignoring them, as the pain associated with Neuromas often increases over time rather than subsides, especially in area of continuing force upon the body such as the feet.

What Are The Symptoms?

Painful Neuromas are a condition that is sharply felt as a burning, numbing, or tingling sensation. The most common type of Foot Neuroma is the Morton’s Neuroma, usually felt under the ball of the foot, normally around the base of the third and fourth toes. While Neuromas can occur within any region of the body. Neuromas within the foot occur more frequently and can be a very painful foot condition.

How Are Neuromas Treated?

Unfortunately, the most common treatments being done do not always work, and often either serve to do further nerve damage, or does not alleviate the underlying nerve condition.

We offer a new and very successful approach that utilizes therapeutic modalities, that treat the entire inflamed nerve area, as well as the nerve itself, thus closing pain gates, and working in conjunction with both the nervous system, and the body’s immune system; to finally stop chronic pain!

Our Innovative Non-Invasive Treatment is Both Fast and Effective!

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