Swelling of the ankles may be due to many factors, including trauma, infection, tumor, varicose veins, improper function of the lymphatic system, poor circulation, hypertension and congestive heart failure, to name a few. The foot and ankle surgeon will recommend treatment based on examination and diagnosis of the cause of the swelling.

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The ankles and legs are common sites of swelling because of gravity’s effect on the fluids in your body. However, fluid retention is not the only cause of a swollen ankle. Injuries and subsequent inflammation can also cause fluid retention and swelling.

A swollen ankle can cause the lower part of the leg to appear larger than normal. The swelling can make it difficult to walk. It may be painful and make the skin feel tight and stretched over your leg. While the condition is not always a reason for concern, knowing its cause can help rule out a more serious problem.

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