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Anyone who has ever spent an entire day on their feet has probably suffered from swollen feet. This frequent medical problem is painful and annoying to sufferers.

Swollen feet typically occur after someone walks or stands for a long time. In some cases, it may be a sign of a serious health problem. When someone stands for a long period of time, the fluid in their body is pulled down by gravity. Once this occurs, it ends up residing within the lower extremities. This can cause the sufferer to experience pain, achy feet or excessive swelling.

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Medical Conditions That Cause Swollen Feet

Swelling in the feet may be caused by a condition like lymphedema. This medical condition occurs when lymph nodes are removed or stop functioning properly. As a result, fluid pools within the tissue and causes swelling. Over time, this can cause swelling, deformity and slower healing. Lymphedema normally occurs after radiation therapy or surgeries.

An injury to the foot can cause swelling. In addition to this cause, some cases of swollen feet occur due to venous insufficiency. Within the veins, there are valves that stop blood from moving the wrong way. If these valves are faulty, it can allow blood to flow in the wrong direction and pool within the legs or feet. In addition to swelling, venous insufficiency can also cause the skin to change in the affected area.

Infections and blood clots can cause swollen feet. Diabetic patients are more likely to develop these infections. If a diabetic individual notices blisters or sores, they may be developing nerve damage within their feet. Blood clots can lodge within other parts of the body and stop the blood from flowing properly. If this occurs, it can lead to death in a short space of time.

The last medical condition that causes swollen feet is organ disease. If the heart, liver or kidneys stop functioning properly, it can lead to water retention. These organs have to be able to remove waste and fluid from the body. When they are weakened or damaged, they cannot remove fluid and it starts to build up within the body’s tissue. Over time, this can lead to swollen feet and other medical issues.

Swollen Feet NYC

Swollen Feet NYC

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